Welcome to LinuxLand (The obligatory first post)

Convention dictates that I do this first post explaining about this blog. I have explained what is LinuxLand and how I met mighty Tux in the page called "About Anshul in LinuxLand" above. It is a story that has a much deeper meaning than it might appear at a glance. (And, a meaning that many of you might be familiar with). I would suggest that you read it; it is not obligatory though.

This quote from that page mentions the purpose:
I have created this weblog as a Linux User with the hope that it would help you find information, use my knowledge and help you contribute further.
For information about me, I have a page named (can you guess the name ? ) "About Anshul". (Look, it's up there)

If you are a fellow Linux user, I hope this blog helps you in your Linux experience.

Welcome to LinuxLand!